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Oct 1, 2012 7:00pm PDT
has been transported to hospital in the city. at first he closes himself off to the japanese, but tender care from a japanese nurse has his resolve. eventually the two fall in love. the idea for the musical was hatched after a russian gold coin that is more than 100 years old was discovered. the coin was found on the grounds of a hospital where russian prisoners of war were treated. engraved on the coin are the names of a japanese woman and a russian man. research proved these people existed. the woman was a japanese nurse. the man a soldier from russia. the coin appears to be a piece of love between the two. the japanese set of prisoner of war camps during the war. some inmates were free to sickle in the city and bathe in local hot springs because of the locals kind treatment, the prisoners flourished. the actor who plays nicolai visits a russian cemetery before sitting out for moscow. >> translator: the people who are resting here wanted to return to their homeland but could not. they must have felt very sad. i came here to tell them that we would help fulfill their yearnin
Oct 11, 2012 7:30am EDT
rate in september improved to below 8% for the first time since january 2009. >>> asia's largest film festival is in full swing in south korea's second largest city. organizers aim to lead the region's film industry and the event is to be getting more popular every year. nhk world's annajong reports. >> reporter: come and see a movie in bustling britan. i'm outside a venue for the busan film festival where dozens of screens are lighting up every day. the red carpet event that opened last week attracts more than 150,000 film fans to plunge into movies, or lounge on the beach. in the 17 years since it started, busan has grown into the major stop on the world film circuit. and this is the main events space. the busan cinema center. it's a $115 billion complex commissioned by korean government officials after they spotted busan's potential to be asia's film hub. 37 theaters, including this one, will screen 304 films from 75 different countries and regions. the unique thing about busan is its focus on asian films. the organize ers' ambition is to take those movies to the world. the festiva
Oct 25, 2012 7:30am EDT
. this shopping mall is located in the largest city. in late september, sushi was put on the shelves. it was made with fresh fish, imported for the first time directly from a region of japan. >> translator: i love sushi. tuna and yellow tail are popular sushi ingredients. but these fishes are not found in the the region's coastal waters. this caught the attention of a food company that has been running the supermarket for russian customers in wakkanai for 15 years. the president of the company exported the fishes not found in the waters off sakhalin on a trial basis. >> translator: we ship them from wakai. we thought we could keep them fresh if we used a direct ferry service between wakanai and sakhalin. >> usually imported sushi ingredient are sent to sakhalin through moscow but this takes about three months and it is often difficult to keep them fresh. he spotted a business opportunity in wakkanai's geographical advantage. this city is only five and a half hours away by ferry from sakhalin. his company exported yellow tail and tuna to sakhalin. they used a ferry from wakkanai to sakhalin. they
Oct 19, 2012 7:30am EDT
. now it is trying to figure out the next step. germany any first offshore wind farm went into operation three years ago. by 2020, the country aims to have 2,000 of these jigiant win fills in the north sea and baltic sea. the north seaport city is home to the latest wind power research. now that offshore wind has become viable. researchers and companies from all over the world are coming here to find out more. >> the idea of the floating technology is to be independent of water demt. three times are suitable for installations for example in the chinese sea or around japan. >> bremerhofen has been a ship building city for two centuries. now it's a major hub for offshore wind technology. in 2002, with ship building in decline, the city decided to switch focus to wind power. investors have spent 500 million euros developing wind power around germany's north sea coast. the wind farms and related businesses have created jobs and are now the town's core industry. the technology is progressing but the challenge remains, how to store the electricity. once solution is hydrogen. germany is focusin
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)